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Evening To Honor Lt. Aharon Karov
Location: Colbeh, 32 West 39th Street, New York, NY
Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2013
6:00 PM
You are cordially invited to attend
An Evening to Honor Lt. Aharon Karov
October 29, 2013
6PM - 8PM
32 West 39th Street
New York, NY
Hosted by Brad Schwartz

Aharon Karov frequently says, "To get to where I am despite all the hardships I went through, for me it's a miracle and divine providence. It is true that there are other difficulties that stand in front of me but I believe that I can move them and move forward. It is important to look at the good things in life and grow out of the difficulty. It is impossible to explain the course of events and difficulties that will always face some of us in life, but it is important to know to continue even when it is hard and it seems impossible.”

The morning after his wedding, Aharon’s commander called and asked him to lead his troops into Gaza - Aharon did not hesitate! He left his newlywed wife and joined his soldiers to lead them into battle.

On the third day of Operation Cast Lead, Aharon and his troops were going house to house, searching for wanted terrorists. As Aharon entered one of the suspicious houses, a booby trap set off an explosion, causing the building to collapse on top of Aharon and two of his soldiers. His men sustained light injuries, but Aharon suffered multiple critical injuries to his head, face, and chest, while his body took hundreds of pieces of shrapnel. He was not expected to survive. The miraculous rescue and life-saving surgeries were the subject of national headlines.

On Sunday, November 3rd, after a long road of painful rehabilitation, Aharon is running the New York City Marathon to benefit OneFamily, the organization that cared for Aharon and his family, emotionally and financially ever since his injury in 2009.

Aharon has overcome monumental challenges over the past four years. The Marathon represents his dreams for the future, the new goals beyond his injuries that he will continue to set for himself. Each step he takes towards the grueling 26.2 miles course - is one step closer to showing the world that he is resilient, and he will conquer every challenge that presents itself now and in the future.

Together, let us help him reach his goals and cross the finish line.

Aharon is running on behalf of OneFamily in gratitude for all that they have done to support him and his wife and parents throughout the months of trauma and recuperation.

To learn more about Aharon, Click Here

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